Helen Black

Helen was born and raised in Pontefract West Yorkshire.

She ignored everyone’s advice, studied law at Hull university and practised as a solicitor for ten years. She quickly built a loyal following of teens in care who drove her crackers, made her laugh and nicked all the biscuits.

In 2003 she wrote a novel for a bit of fun. The main character Lilly Valentine, was, you guessed it, a northern lawyer representing children in the care system.

Damaged Goods was published in 2004 and there are now seven books in the Lilly Valentine series.

In 2016 Helen created a new female lead character, Liberty Chapman; a corporate lawyer turned career criminal. The first book, Taking Liberties, was published in summer 2017 and the second book Bang to Rights is scheduled for publication later this year.

Helen recently turned her hand to screen writing and won the Kudos North Award. Her original television series Galaxy is now in development with Kudos North.

Helen is currently working on several original drama series ideas.

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Helen Black is represented by Frances Arnold