Tessa Gibbs

Born in London in 1967, Tessa graduated from London University with a BA Hons degree in English and Drama. She started her career in film and television as a receptionist at the now defunct film distribution company Enterprise pictures which had happily acquired the rights to release the Granada production The Field (dir. Jim Sheridan). Through working on that release, Tessa moved to Granada Film where she remained for eight years, working first as a PA – in London and Los Angeles – and moving up to being Head of Development. During that time she also worked as Production Assistant and Post Production co-ordinator on Jack and Sarah (dir. Tim Sullivan) and August (dir. Anthony Hopkins). Before leaving the company she raised the finance for and produced the independent feature film Fast Food (dir. Stewart Sugg). When Granada Film found themselves stuck for a writer to rewrite their comedy Single Girl they gave Tessa the job, and since then she has worked reasonably consistently as a freelance script consultant and script writer.

For television, her ‘Little Cracker’ – Baby Be Blonde – for Tiger Aspect/Sky One, TX December 2012 starring Joanna Lumley. Joanna Lumley is also attached to her original half-hour comedy drama Lost Marbles which was optioned by World Productions.

Original comedy series treatment Jumping Off and spec drama script Disgrace were optioned to Clerkenwell Films and she delivered drama treatment The Sea Word for them. Spec comedy Then Again was developed with Fifty Fathoms/Patrick Spence. Tessa delivered a new draft of her comedy spec Plan B to ITV Studios and a pitch document for Highland Sheriff for STV. Comedy drama Granny Mafia was optioned to World Productions, Tessa has been commissioned to treatment on the feature film Silver Swans by Cross Day Productions, and has a new comedy drama spec Consequences. Tessa’s radio play Round Two for producer Gaynor Macfarlane/BBC Scotland TX’d in December 2015 and she is writing a second, The Boiling Point which will broadcast later this year. She has recently been commissioned by Wall to Wall to write a treatment for her original idea The Same Sky.

Tessa also spent two years writing Television Previews for the Daily Telegraph, has an MA in Writing from Middlesex University and is a member of BAFTA.

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Tessa Gibbs is represented by Frances Arnold