Hildegard Ryan

Hildegard graduated from the Central Film School with a distinction in Practical Filmmaking. Her graduation film “The 25th Annual, St Wallace on Sea, Morris Dancing Festival” was selected for the 2014 Cannes Film Festival short film corner.

Hildegard has collaborated with Eva O’Connor and Sunday’s Child since 2013. She directed My Name is Saoirse, which won the First Fortnight Award at the Dublin Fringe 2014, the Argus Angel at the Brighton Fringe 2015, and the Best Theatre Award at the Adelaide Fringe 2017.

Hildegard developed and directed O’Connor’s Overshadowed for the stage, which premiered at the The Tiger Dublin Fringe in September 2015. Hildegard and Eva took the play to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016, and co-wrote, and Hildegard directed, an 8 x 10’ television adaptation for Rollem Productions/BBC which was nominated for a Rose d’Or Award.

With O’Connor, Hildegard co-wrote interactive play The Friday Night Effect which debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017. They developed a short form tv version with Mam Tor Productions.

Hildegard directed Mustard by Eva, which won a Fringe First and a Lustrum Award at Edinburgh in 2019.  They are adapting for television with Tiger Aspect.  Their pilot script for Ghosted, was commissioned by Kudos/BBC, and Eva and Hildegard have a number of original developments at treatment stage with Indies.

Having directed a standalone episode for series 7, Hildegard directed four episodes of The Dumping Ground for CBBC and four episodes of Still So Awkward for Channel X/CBBC, TX July 2021. She co-directed two episodes of Dodger for CBBC/NBC, tx 6th February 2022. Hildegard recently directed two episodes for the 36th series of Casualty for BBC1.

In 2018 Hildegard was named as one of Broadcast’s Hot Shots, which celebrated the outstanding work of women under 30 making waves in the TV industry.

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Hildegard Ryan is represented by Frances Arnold