Damian Wayling

After a career as a graphic designer Damian was nominated for Best New Writer BAFTA for his first produced script.

Damian has written episodes of Call the Midwife for series III and VI for CTM3/BBC1 which TX in 2014 and 2015 respectively. He has written two episodes of A.D.: Beyond the Bible for Lightworkers Media. Other credits include three episode 4’s for Garrow’s Law I, II and III (TwentyTwenty/Shed/BBC), part 3 of Young James (KoCo/Shed/BBC), and Stone, a play for BBC R4. Damian has also written for The Bill, Waking the Dead, and Trial & Retribution. Damian’s five-part daytime series Privates (Twenty Twenty/BBC1) TX January 2013.

He has written the first episode of original WWII series Twist, and is writing a pitch for My Mother’s Mother, both commissioned by BBC Scotland. He has also written original series treatments for Against the Law and Undercover for Newman Street, Iceberg for ITV Studios and The Defence for Chrysalis Vision. His original spec script Pilgrim was optioned to Red Planet Pictures.

Damian is currently writing an episode for the seventh series of BBC/Red Planet’s Death in Paradise.

Damian lives in the City of London with Lucie and Katy.

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Damian Wayling is represented by Frances Arnold