Abigail Rolling’s SH*T LAWYER at Brighton Fringe 25th-28th May!

After the sell-out success at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe, Abigail Rolling will be performing SH*T LAWYER at Brighton Fringe, Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th May!

‘Practicing criminal defence solicitor, she’s been chained to a radiator in the Magistrates’ court for almost thirty years. With her trademark misanthropic mirth Abby pulls back the curtain on a criminal justice system in terminal decline. The stories are true, the crisis is real. Dark. Funny. Underfunded. And that’s just her.’

Abigail will be performing SH*T LAWYER at Sweet Venues, Sweet@ThePoets at 6pm each night. Tickets are available on the Sweet Venues website.

Abigail Rolling is represented by Frances Arnold.